Below the Cemetery

Location: Neighborhood bordering the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland & Piedmont, CA
Source: Oakland/Piedmont Way of Trees walk, from the book, Hidden Walks in the East Bay & Marin by Stephen Altschuler.
Features: Tree lined streets, Pleasant Valley Ct., hidden shortcuts and beautiful Dracaena Quarry Park.

This walk covers an area I often drive by when traveling to either Piedmont or Mountain View Cemetery. I  didn’t realize the hidden gems of the area, especially Dracena Park, which is another stellar, well maintained park in the town of Piedmont.

Starting just below the entrance gate to Mountain View Cemetery, you go through an old walkway between by an old warehouse and end up walking through Pleasant Valley Ct., an old development of little bungalows. The walk continues into Piedmont and beautiful Dracaena park which part of was once an old rock quarry. Groves of beautiful trees surround the park and it’s lush lawns. Fancy kids play areas with a slide and climbing rock. The park has several access points to surrounding neighborhoods and has a great dog trail and bridge in it’s north end. Much of the Piedmont neighborhoods have rose colored sidewalk with exposed aggregate where sidewalks were bevelled to maintain a smooth path.

Dracena Park in Piedmont
View from a bench at Dracena Quarry Park
View from a bench at Dracena Quarry Park
Northern border of Dracena park
Fancy rock wall for kids

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