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Trailer Tales

I went down to Santa Cruz  couple weeks ago and shot this little video of Jay working on his new mobile home.

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One Got Fat – My Fave Film from Grade School

While attending DeLaveaga elementary school, whenever the projector was rolled into the classroom we knew we were in for a treat! Various films were shown to either fill in for the teacher’s incomplete class plans or to give the kids a little bit of a ‘fun’ break. A lot of films were public safety oriented or educational in some way. My all time favorite was this freakish bicycle safety flick, “One Got Fat”. In the early seventies anything with monkeys or monkey people was popular – “Planet Of The Apes”, “Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp” were big hits at the time.

“One Got Fat” still holds up pretty well, at least on a dark level. Poor bicycle riding was punished in gruesome accidents, even one with a steam roller, how classic! The background music and sound effects are also delightful. I’m sure now days, this film would be un PC in some way. Also featured, is the original snark narrator, Edward Everett Horton of Fractured Fairy Tales fame.

Colbert Talks to the Newspaper’s Lobbyist

It is sad that our daily newspapers are shrinking or disappearing altogether. It makes me wonder though, in the case of our local San Francisco Chronicle, how much of this was an intentional neglect so they can get co-publishing mergers approved in Washington? The Chronicle was bought a few years ago by the Hearst Corporation and they are now losing over a million dollars a week.

Suggestion to the Chronicle’s Managers; making the paper smaller, with uglier typesetting and putting the business section on the back of another section isn’t going to help.

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Tribute to Fallen Breakfast Cereals


Growing up I loved eating cereal. Lots of cereal! Cereal brought me tremendous joy, especially, the brands that my parents forbid me to eat. Many of these cereals have left the planet and are now only a memory. Here is one of my old faves, the curious Pink Panther Flakes and Nerds cereal because, it’s such a ridiculous tribute to a candy – which most cereal resembles anyway!

See more of your old crunchy, sweet faves here!

Layoff Fallout

Photo by Todd Bishop

Photo by Todd Bishop

As more and more companies layoff employees, the flotsam of past marketing efforts like t-shirt schwag heads for the local thrift shop. When a previous Santa Cruz company I worked for imploded, they donated their marketing t-shirts a local shelter. For months I would see street characters wearing their Lutris shirts on Pacific Ave in downtown Santa Cruz.

Now as Microsoft lays off thousands, their shirts are appearing in the Seattle area thrifts.