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New Bay Bridge Connector

After we heard on the radio that the Bay Bridge was re-opening this morning, Dru and I decided to use the excuse of a getting a cup of coffee in SF so we could drive the Smart Car over the new Bay Bridge Connector. We brought a camera and I recorded our little journey, you can see that there is a CHP escort in our group of cars.

It was a surprise that CalTrans opened the bridge early this morning as there were some “issues” that were going to delay the re-opening, like a big crack found in one of the support spans.

Colbert Talks to the Newspaper’s Lobbyist

It is sad that our daily newspapers are shrinking or disappearing altogether. It makes me wonder though, in the case of our local San Francisco Chronicle, how much of this was an intentional neglect so they can get co-publishing mergers approved in Washington? The Chronicle was bought a few years ago by the Hearst Corporation and they are now losing over a million dollars a week.

Suggestion to the Chronicle’s Managers; making the paper smaller, with uglier typesetting and putting the business section on the back of another section isn’t going to help.

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Obama on “Check Please…”!!

I just discovered that Barack Obama, then a little known Illinois State Senator, was on a pilot episode of the Chicago [original] version of Check Please… The San Francisco version on KQED is one of my favorite shows. The show features three regular people that share their favorite restaurants and the other two guests check it out and share their opinions.



Had a good time at Macword. Ran into Irina Slutsky of GETV and was interviewed about cosmic subjects! Saw demos of Apple’s iLife updates and was impressed with the updates to iPhoto and iMovie. Glad to see that iMovie got back many lost features from iMovies 6 and more.

Surprised I didn’t see as many people I knew then I ran into a Howie from my MaCruzer (a MUG) days in Santa Cruz. He sold me my second Mac, a IIcx back in the early 90’s.

Near the end of the day I saw Merlin Mann, who was very funny on MacBreak Weekly and then my favorite conspiracist and curmudgeon, John C. Dvorak.

RIP Ron Asheton of the Stooges


From Rolling Stone Magazine today:
“Ron Asheton, guitarist and founding member of the Stooges, was reportedly found dead at his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan this morning. He was 60.”

“As the guitarist for the Stooges, Asheton crafted some of rock’s most memorable riffs, including “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” “No Fun” and “TV Eye.” Guitarist Asheton, along with his brother Scott, Iggy Pop and original bassist Dave Alexander formed the Stooges in Detroit in 1967. The original lineup released two albums, The Stooges and Fun House, before Ron Asheton shifted over to bass guitar for 1973’s Raw Power. All three LPs made Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, ranking at Number 185, 191 and 125 respectively. Asheton was also Number 29 on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.”

In the late 80s, when I played guitar with friends, my favorite songs to play were frequently Stooges longs. The Stooges were also probably the biggest influence of one of my all time fave bands, The Ramones.

Dark Sparkle

Michelle, Dave & Dru

Michelle, Dave & Dru

I miss going to Dark Sparkle. This is my favorite Darkwave/Goth club event since I’ve moved up to the SF Bay Area. It’s usually held at either the elegantl Café Du Nord or the DNA Lounge. Lately they’ve been moving around other SOMA locations. It’s the spooky music with out the VNV synth gop that’s permeated the goth scene the last five or so years.