Rooz Rules

Rooz Café is now my fave Bean Hut. Compfy reasonably quiet interior, great coffee served in nice big mugs and tasty breaksfasts! Oh – and FREE WiFi!

Rooz is on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland.

I’ve been canvassing many East Bay cafés looking for good coffee and free WiFi. Went to check out some I saw listed on the site and was disappointed. Next time I’m firing up the laptop before I order. Brewed Awakening and Café Neffeli on Euclid were both a waste of time.

Some might disagree with me that WiFi is important for a Café. I like to be able to grab my laptop and work on projects when I’m out. I also enjoy the fact that people on laptops are usually quiet people. Having to overhear some UCSC TA blab on and on about them selves at the next table is no treat.

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