Location: Kensington in the Berkeley Hills, Solano County, CA
Source: Below the Hayward Fault walk, from the book, Hidden Walks in the East Bay & Marin by Stephen Altschuler.
Features: Central village district with cafes, market, wine/cheese shop and hardware store. Hidden pathways through hilly residential area. Great views of the San Francisco Bay.

With current knee issues, I needed a short walk and the Kensington walk from Hidden Walks books filled the bill. Besides, I’m curious about this tiny, unincorporated village in the East Bay Hills.

Starting just below the central ‘village’ of the town, you wind through some nice hidden paths where you can get some beautiful views and see some interesting pine trees.

Kensginton downtown
Center of Kensington
Close to the Hayward fault. Most of the walkways have cracks.
Lot of interesting pine trees are along the route.
Great views of the bay

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