Trader Joe’s Dumps Clover

The Dude gets his Half & Half

Update 5/14/16:
As of early May 2016, it looks like the good stuff from Clover is back! Probably just an inventory adjustment or they read my post and changed their mind.

Looks like my favorite, Clover produced Half & Half and Heavy Whipping Cream is disappearing from shelves of Bay Area Trader Joe’s stores. For years this was my favorite place to buy these products. The cream from Clover’s Northern California is superior to many other producers. Products labeled as Trader Joe’s Heavy Whipping Cream and Organic Whipping Cream (from Clover plant 06-691) are currently being replaced by Rockview (plant 06-98), a Southern California product that can’t compare. The heavy cream is slightly thicker in consistency but virtually tasteless. Reminds me of some other Ultra Pasteurized products, where the flavor is virtually cooked out of it. Clover’s had a clearly superior ‘cream’ taste – the difference is like night and day!¬†What’s also unfortunate is that these products now have to be shipped all the way up from Los Angeles instead of nearby Marin Sonoma County.

Bike Church

Live blogging from 40th Street!

Manifesto Bicycles is starting up its Sunday morning Bike Church again. Featuring bicycles (lots), music and raffles. There is also half off coffee next door at Subrosa Coffee (best in East Bay).

Taylor’s the Taste that Refreshes

Tasty burger!

Took a trip up to Vallejo to visit Mr. Zorko. After picking him up, we went for a beautiful scenic trip up to Napa and then to St. Helena, home of Taylor’s Refresher where they have the best darn, tasty burgers. Got some fries and Fat Tire beer to wash it down. For dessert, a decadent green tea milk shake! Good thing bootcamp workouts start in a week…

Tribute to Fallen Breakfast Cereals


Growing up I loved eating cereal. Lots of cereal! Cereal brought me tremendous joy, especially, the brands that my parents forbid me to eat. Many of these cereals have left the planet and are now only a memory. Here is one of my old faves, the curious Pink Panther Flakes and Nerds cereal because, it’s such a ridiculous tribute to a candy – which most cereal resembles anyway!

See more of your old crunchy, sweet faves here!

Obama on “Check Please…”!!

I just discovered that Barack Obama, then a little known Illinois State Senator, was on a pilot episode of the Chicago [original] version of Check Please… The San Francisco version on KQED is one of my favorite shows. The show features three regular people that share their favorite restaurants and the other two guests check it out and share their opinions.