New Bay Bridge Connector

After we heard on the radio that the Bay Bridge was re-opening this morning, Dru and I decided to use the excuse of a getting a cup of coffee in SF so we could drive the Smart Car over the new Bay Bridge Connector. We brought a camera and I recorded our little journey, you can see that there is a CHP escort in our group of cars.

It was a surprise that CalTrans opened the bridge early this morning as there were some “issues” that were going to delay the re-opening, like a big crack found in one of the support spans.

Colbert Talks to the Newspaper’s Lobbyist

It is sad that our daily newspapers are shrinking or disappearing altogether. It makes me wonder though, in the case of our local San Francisco Chronicle, how much of this was an intentional neglect so they can get co-publishing mergers approved in Washington? The Chronicle was bought a few years ago by the Hearst Corporation and they are now losing over a million dollars a week.

Suggestion to the Chronicle’s Managers; making the paper smaller, with uglier typesetting and putting the business section on the back of another section isn’t going to help.

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Begin Obama!

Photo by Jef Poskanzer
Photo by Jef Poskanzer

All the street signs on San Franciso’a Bush Street were renamed Obama Street by some Pranksters Monday night – just in time for the Inauguration!

Obama on “Check Please…”!!

I just discovered that Barack Obama, then a little known Illinois State Senator, was on a pilot episode of the Chicago [original] version of Check Please… The San Francisco version on KQED is one of my favorite shows. The show features three regular people that share their favorite restaurants and the other two guests check it out and share their opinions.

No Pants on the Subway a Success!

I was wondering if this was going to happen in SF. A lot of Gaza protesters were riding BART to SF on Saturday morning. Seeing the two groups together would have been interesting. I was taking BART from Oakland to SF on this morning so Dru could pick me up at the Balboa station so we could get the heck out of town. Everyone had pants.