Copperplate, oh how stylish…


Yep time to update a little bit of the crusty blog. So I started playing around with Movable Type stylesheets and slapped in my new masthead. Feeling nostalgic, I thought I’d use Copperplate which I actually liked back in 1992. Now my blog looks like a Steakhouse. Care for some cream spinach with that?

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  1. Hey Dave, I’d seen that you were thinking of switching from Movable Type, and since I work with the team that makes it, I wanted to encourage you to try out the newest version of MT, Movable Type 4.2. It’s in beta right now, but almost released, and it’s *worlds* better than the old version you’re running now. You can grab the code for free at or try the application for yourself at Let us know what you think!

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