Blue Velvet, Black Coffee

For most of the 90’s, my favorite radio show was Blue Velvet, Black Coffee on KAZU on Monday evenings. The show started with the Twin Peaks theme song and featured a DJ named Patrick, he spun mostly ethereal, gothy music. He frequently would record shop in Europe and bring back many recordings from labels like Prikosnov√©nie, Musica Maxima Magnetica, as well as larger labels like Hyperium and 4AD. Previously Patrick had a radio show called Left of Center.

Patrick no longer has a show on KAZU so I was wondering what ever happened to him? Does he still have show somewhere in radioland or on the Internets? Google searches don’t show up much. Once I found a image of one of his meticulously written playlists. He would write them out then have them scanned onto the stations website. Maybe someone out there knows where DJ Patrick is?

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  1. That was one of my favorite shows, too. I just found a cassette tape where I recorded parts of a show. Songs in it: Peter Jefferies “Scissors”, Throwing Muses “Delicate Cutters”, Cat Power “We Al l Die”, Portishead “Undenied”. Must of been in 1997.

  2. Sorry for not approving your comment earlier! Catching up on blog stuff…

    I learned about so many new bands from this show. Wish there were more air check tapes etc. And where IS Patrick?

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