I live in Santa Cruz, California. When I work, it’s in the field of digital media and technology. When I play, it’s photography, Aikido and exploring nature.

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  1. Stumbled on your name as I was perusing links about my guy, S. Storm. Really love your stuff. I’m a video producer since working at One Pass – coincidentally, during edit of Happy Hour… Perhaps our paths may cross professionally one day.


  2. Hiya Dave! LinkedIn just tried to hook me up with you and I was so glad to track you down. Sounds like life is rich. Hope you’re having fun. My kids are 5 and 7 and I’m trying to build a Feldenkrais practice, finally. Life here is chaotic; I’m really happy. Not getting on the mat very often – when I do, it’s with Kimberly and Dan at Two Cranes Aikido in Seattle. Wishing you all my best!! -Hope

  3. Hi Hope! Glad you found me and my little site! Looks like things are going well~ I’m currently battling some kind of weird malware issue on my server that WordPress let in. Nice.

  4. Hello this is not regarding your website but regarding the Miles Davis think different Apple posters you are selling on eBay. are they still available? also I’m in a bit in the Eastbay as well.

  5. Hi East Bay neighbor,

    I’ve since sold all my Apple Think Different posters. Keep checking eBay, as there always seemed to be a supply of them.

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